Hi, I am Brian and I run a network of hundreds of private high PR blogs. Before I launched my main network, I searched for weeks to find a software package that will manage hundreds of blogs for me. The software I found was buggy, lacked features, and created a lot more work for me.

So my team and I designed and built this spectacular piece of software.

What we offer is a comprehensive Hosted blog management system. You have no software to install, no servers to buy. You just sign up, add your blogs, and get started scheduling and posting onto your network.

Features Snapshot:

-Manage up to 1000 Wordpress blogs

-Hosted system with full support included

-Paste in your multi-level spintax title, body, tags. System Un-spins randomly to each blog and schedules posts over the drip-feed period that -you specify (1 day up to 1 year in the future)

-Posts occur with ‘Link Velocity’ increasing post frequency as your drip-feed period elapses

-Post to all blogs or specific categories/topical blogs in your network

-Effortlessly download ‘live links’ after your post is complete

There are 2 levels of the system:

Level 1: $149/mo Run a private blog network of up to 500 blogs.

Level 2: $ 249/mo Run a private blog network WITH sub-user capability. Up to 1000 Blogs. This is ideal for people who run popular SEO services OR who have large mailing lists. You can allow users to create accounts under your network just like our VIP network. Your users add their diverse blogs and hosting, You set what PR to allow and how many posts per day they can make. Let your users build your network for you.

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